January 14, 2020 MarineFisheries Advisory | Striped Bass License Plates in Production! | DMF no longer accepting applications

Are you interested in having a Striped Bass license plate?

Striper Plate

Pre-orders are no longer being accepted for the Striped Bass Conservation plate as we have reached the 750-minimum threshold. DMF and MET collected pre-orders for the striped bass license plate during the latter half of 2019, reaching the threshold by the end of the year. Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone!!!

Once the RMV processes the applications and starts production of the plate we will send notices on how Massachusetts motorists will be able to obtain this conservation-inspired plate directly through the RMV.

Pre-order Applications: Expectations are that it will take an additional 6 to 8 months in 2020 to manufacture and distribute the plates to the RMV. Once ready, applicants will be contacted by the RMV and instructed to go to their chosen RMV office to pick-up their pre-ordered license plate. The applicant’s $40 payment will be credited towards the purchase price of the new plate.

The purpose of the plate is to help fund projects and activities for the conservation of saltwater fish, with a focus on striped bass, for ecosystem sustainability, habitat conservation, and angler education. Examples of projects include:

Studies of striped bass populations, stock structure, movements and local ecology
Studies of angler practices to improve hook-and-release release survival
Habitat improvements, including efforts to enhance diadromous fish (e.g. river herring, eels) passage for improved forage for striped bass
Development and distribution of materials and programs to educate anglers on the importance and means of improving the conservation of marine fisheries resources
Striper under water

The program will have unique expert oversite from:

Division of Marine Fisheries
Scientific experts knowledgeable about striped bass populations and ecology
Academic researchers
Massachusetts Environmental Trust
Recreational and commercial striped bass fisherman
Environmental and advocacy programs